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Our integrity check

Spiritual work is vulnerable work. You wouldn’t go to a doctor who doesn’t have the proper professional certification, would you?

It is the same with energy healers, shamans, medicine people, spiritual teachers, however you want to call them. Healing work is spiritual surgery, and requires utmost precision, expertise, and integrity.

The problem with subtle medicine work is that there is no central authority delivering diplomas that you can easily verify. And there should not be! The last thing we need is one more modern institution appropriating ancestral knowledge. There is no standard procedure when it comes to subtle healing. No rules or tests can encompass the vastness of spiritual work.

AND, it’s also true that there are people out there who perform spiritual work they’re either not qualified for, or in a manner that is detrimental to others.

As a platform connecting people of all faiths and ideologies, we have to hold a certain degree of neutrality. But we also have the responsibility to educate our users, do some filtering, and promote the respect of the protocols that maintain the integrity of sacred lineages.

The questions we ask

We ask the healers seeking verification on our website to tell us and clearly display in their description information about the lineage or lineages they practiced under, for how many years they’ve practiced, and if anyone gave them permission to practice on their own (in the case where the modality they’re practicing requires initiation and blessing from an elder).

We recommend that you look for these qualifications in the descriptions of any listing you’re interested in and that you contact the healer if you have more questions. Wisdom is humble, and a legit, humble person won’t get offended by you asking for their qualifications. It’s actually a sign of maturity. Only a fool would go into surgery with someone they know nothing about.

What we advise you: trust yourself

Bottom line is: the nature of healing work is so personal, that you’re ultimately the only person who can really tell if a person or an offering is good for you.

Someone might have all the qualifications, great reviews, and not be the best person for you. Someone might have lower reviews, and those might just be the projections of people avoiding themselves. Maybe this person is great for you.

We’re not listing hair salons that can be reviewed and tested according to contemporary beauty standards. Spiritual work goes deeper than the beauty standards of the time and is nearly impossible to grade. Yet, we offer this platform because we believe it is needed to help people wake up together. But just like with any technology, you must understand its benefits and its limitations.

As a platform, we connect you to spiritual communities and practitioners, we run our verified listings through basic tests of integrity, we do our best to listen to the community and act accordingly, but we cannot replace, automate or systematize the need for you to know your own boundaries, and ultimately… your own self and intuition.

We hope this didn’t scare you too much. There are so many masterful and benevolent practitioners out there waiting to meet you, but we felt the need to share some suggestions to mitigate the side effects that online marketing and our platform could have.